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  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

    If you have been involved in a traffic accident no one has to tell you medical bills, lost pay from work and other expenses can add up quickly and be devastating to you and your family. The Cochran Firm personal injury attorneys can provide you with a free case evaluation for obtaining compensation for your losses.

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  • On-the-Job Injuries

    Many employers strive to create safe work environments for their employees, however accidents happen and employees are the ones that end up suffering, trying to cope with pain and adjusting to what may be a life-long disability while struggling to keep creditors away. The Cochran Firm's personal injury lawyers want to help you.

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  • Negligence

    Negligence is a leading cause of lawsuits in the U.S. In most cases, the injured person is on the receiving end of someone else's lack of common sense. Whether you have been inconvenienced or horribly injured, the personal injury attorneys at the Cochran Firm would like to hear your problem and try to help you.

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  • Mr. Johnnie Cochran

    Mr. Johnnie Cochran co-founded the Cochran Firm as a way to help people just like you who have been injured due to the wrong doings of individuals, corporations, or government entities. The personal injury attorneys in the Memphis office of the Cochran Firm are continuing Mr. Cochran's legacy of helping others.

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